SPEAK Like a Leader September 22nd, 2010

Marcia Smart Ph.D.

Have you ever wanted to speak with confidence and to present information clearly and powerfully? Do you want to let yourself shine through what you say? Do you want to speak like a leader? Then read on.

One of the most powerful tools of Informal Leaders is their communication style. They always speak to influence. Giving a speech is an opportunity for you to educate and inform, to get an audience to see their world differently. It’s your chance to influence the way they think, change their way of seeing things, and inspire them to act. That’s what a leader does. This is what many Informal Leaders have mastered! The process of giving a speech can be broken down into a three stages: Before, During and After.


The Who: Knowing who you’re talking to – your audience – is as important as knowing what you’re talking about (your topic). It affects how you shape and present your information.

The What: What is the event? Is it a keynote address, introducing a speaker, or presenting about your business?

The When: What is the full event schedule and the time of your speech? Who speaks before and after you?

The Where: Where is the event being held, and what is the physical lay-out of the room?

The Why: What is the purpose of the meeting? What are your topic objective and the message you want to communicate? Why are they relevant to the audience?


Speak with confidence. Deliver your message loud and clear, use the fewest words with the fewest syllables, and maintain eye contact with your listeners. Speak for the benefit of others. Serve your audience well by keeping their interests foremost in your mind. This is the golden rule of speaking. Nothing communicates more clearly than intention Listen and Pay Attention. Constantly observe if your audience is following you. Speak every word into the eyes and heart of one other person.


Be Open and Available. Have contact or follow-up information ready to hand out; smile and be ready to listen to questions and comments. Important Note: Acknowledge any feedback whether you agree or disagree. Getting feedback means that your audience listened and was influenced by what you said. Honor that and the courage it took for them to approach you.

Informal Leaders always speak to influence. Do you speak to influence? Successfully managing the Before, During and After stages allows you to take responsibility for the entire event. Taking charge of the process sets the stage for your success to deliver a great speech and to SPEAK like a Leader.

What is your number one fear as a speaker?

What are some ways you can use this process to assist you to overcome that fear?

Share your comments in the section below!

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