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Can you have Influence without Power? March 23rd, 2011

Marcia Smart Ph.D.

To understand the nature of leadership requires an understanding of the essence of power, for leadership is a special form of power. Power is the underlying force of all social exchange. Reflect on your current business and personal relationships. How does the implicit or explicit use of Power impact them?

In his latest book called Power, Jeffrey Pfeffer states that power is part of leadership and it is necessary to get things done. Informal leaders get things done primarily through power and influence. However, they have no formal position or authority that gives them that power. They earn their power.

Have you observed people in your community who have lots of power without any formal authority? How did they acquire it?

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The Power of Influence February 1st, 2011

Marcia Smart Ph.D.

The Power of Influence

Influence emerged as the top skill in defining Leadership. Informal Leaders lead from a base of influence. This is primarily because they do not have any formal authority to enforce and/or direct others to get things done.

In my book, The Hidden Power of Informal Leadership I discussed in detail how Informal Leaders use influence.   Their sphere of Influence extends up, down and across groups and organizations. They have the ability to bring people together without the authority of an organizational chart or reporting structure behind them.

Are you a person of Influence?   How would YOU define Influence? Join is in a very interactive group discussion on the definition of Influence at . We want to hear your expert perspective.



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Define Leadership in 1 Word December 6th, 2010

Marcia Smart Ph.D.

If you had to define ‘Leadership’ in 1 word, what would it be? The Results are in!

I posted this question to the Informal Leadership Group on LinkedIn which currently has over 4700 members – . The responses have been analyzed and the data tabulated. Thanks to the hundreds of you who participated.

I want to give special thanks to Informal Leadership Group member Mitch Owen of Mitchen, Inc. for analyzing and creating such a clear, easy to read graphic. Mitch we appreciate your leadership initiative.

To see the results click here then click on the file RESULTS ARE IN under the PDF section:

What do the high ranking words mean to you as a leader?   Is it the same for both  Formal and Informal Leadership? Share your comments in the section below.

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